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SIR History

1967 Founders Dolph Rempp and Ken Berry, who were working at Paramount Recording (across the street from the famed Gold Star Recording Studios) are introduced to Artie Ripp, producer for Kama Sutra Records. Artie needs a Fender Precision Bass for a Mitch Rider and the Detroit Wheels recording session. Dolph and Ken seized the opportunity, rented a bass from a local music store and then rented it back to Artie. SIR is born!

Later that year, the first SIR storefront in Los Angeles opens.

Ken Berry SIR's first storefront Dolph Rempp

1971 SIR opens a San Francisco office as Ken and Dolph recognize the explosion of music in the Bay Area. Michael Johnson, originally hired in Los Angeles, heads north to manage the new San Francisco location.

SIR NY's West 52nd Street location, early years

1974 Expansion heads east and Michael, having solidified the S.F. operation, is sent to New York City to start up SIR's next venture. Within a few months, Michael meets Bo Holst, a struggling musician who happened to, one day, walk past Michael and another employee having a hard time loading a truck. Bo, offered to help, was hired, and was sent off in a van to JFK to pick up a PA system which he brought back for the rehearsal studios. Over 30 years later, Bo now runs the show in New York.

1977 Nashville is the next stop on SIR's journey and Music City was a perfect fit. Its proximity to Music Row allowed easy access to many top Country, Gospel and Contemporary Christian musicians and soon SIR was a household name in Tennessee.

1982 Joe Kernich begins as a driver in NY and soon moves to the Dispatch department. He eventually moves to Florida as General Manager for the Miami and Orlando offices and remains there to date.

1984 Fred Rose starts in the rehearsal department for SIR LA working with artists such as Mötley Crüe, The Go-Go's and Tina Turner, later to become a dispatcher and eventually Operations Manager.

Ernie Bartschi

1985 Ernie Bartschi starts at SIR New York as a Rehearsal Tech and later that year becomes Rehearsal Manager. In 1994 Ernie moves to Nashville, to become Production Manager. In 2014 Ernie moved to Phoenix – making his transition to a 3rd SIR location!

1986 Ralph Petrosino starts in New York's Rehearsal Department after a 6 month internship at SIR while attending the Institute of Audio Recording. From there, he will move on to the drum department for 15 years and is eventually promoted to Production Manager, a position he still holds today.

1988 Laura Ford starts at SIR Nashville as office manager; a few years later Laura becomes SIR's first and only female General Manager.

1991 Dan Rempp starts off at SIR dividing his time between the Los Angeles and San Francisco offices. He officially joins the team full time in 1996 and becomes responsible for the San Francisco office as well as overseeing most of SIR's West Coast operations.

2000 SIR opens our southernmost location in Miami, which caters primarily to the Latin Music market, cruise lines and local television broadcasts.

2001 Seattle and Las Vegas locations open to expand SIR's network to new markets.

2003 SIR Phoenix opens, introducing our Service, Integrity, Resources motto to the South West.

2005 SIR sees a need for backline and studio space in Southern California and opens in Palm Springs and San Diego.

2007 The addition of a new location in Portland grows the SIR roster.

2008 The unveiling of SIR Chicago begins SIR's expansion into the Midwest.

2009 The launch of officially declares the unification of all SIR locations nationally. Our Solutions Network connects artists and production staff to major entertainment markets across the USA through a single point of contact. SIR Stage37, an exclusive New York City event venue from music industry leaders SIR Entertainment Services, opens just one block from the Javits Center.

2017 SIR celebrates its 50th Anniversary